Located halfway between St. Emilion and Bergerac, the house in itself is a whole history. Built before 1790, it belongs to the oldest residences of the village. Inhabited by a notary, then a wet cooper, of which you will be able to admire his tools at property, the family Arnaud does not arrive there when 1900. Family property since more than three generations, Château Font Barbu did not cease evolving. Living agriculture of cereals and breeding of Château, only some pieces of vines surround the Château. It is Guy Arnaud who enriches this activity, while producing of Red Bergerac AOC.
vieille Since 1980, the Château is between the hands of his son and his daughter-in-law, Patrick and Marie-Christine Arnaud. Those bring a new eye to the property which gives him a new impetus. Indeed, they priviligie the sale out of bottle with the Château and develop the offer by adding the rosé wine and the white to the range. The expansion also results in the enlarging of the wine property and the modernization of their wine storehouse of vinification. The viticulture then takes its predestined place…

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